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What our members say about being in the choir!

I was made to feel really welcome by everyone …

“I joined the choir in 2019, having never sung in a choir before. I was made to feel really welcome by everyone, and those experienced choir members around me helped me find my feet and gain in confidence. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and our choir leader Jackie has endless patience when teaching us. If you would like to help make some lovely sounds I would urge you to come along and give it a try!”
Pat – Tenor. Member since 2019

Time where I can totally relax and forget all of life’s stresses …

“I have been a member of the Voice Choir for many years and really enjoy singing socially. Becoming part of the choir has enabled me to forge new friendships, develop my voice and allow space and time where I can totally relax and forget all of life’s stresses.

I love the eclectic mix we sing and the harmonies that can be achieved by blending our voices. I cannot read music . This is not detrimental as we learn all songs by listening and repetition and there is also a website where all parts are available to practice when not at choir.

If you love singing and want to join a really friendly choir-we are it ,so come and enjoy some time with us – you won’t regret it .”
Sandra – Soprano. Member since 2014

We have become more confident…

“We joined The Voice Choir as a couple to have a shared interest and make new friends. We don’t consider ourselves to have good voices but do enjoy singing and have found over time that we have become more confident. We can thoroughly recommend The Voice Choir to people of all ages and abilities.”

Lora & Paul – Tenor and Bass. Members since 2022

I have made wonderful new friends …

“I have been a member of the choir for several years now. It has always been a complete pleasure. We sing a huge variety of songs which makes it all tremendous fun. Even when it feels like a bit of a drag to venture out on a cold dark evening, the singing always makes it totally worthwhile. Being surrounded by so many voices is inspiring and can make your hair stand on end! Plus there are lots of laughs along the way and I have made wonderful new friends. Come and join us… it’s fab!”
Gill – Soprano. Member since 2014

Wednesday is the best day of the week …

“The nicest bunch of people you are likely to meet! It can seem a bit daunting at first but we’re such a friendly bunch, with lots of other events going on when not singing! Wednesday is the best day of the week! My job is fairly stressful but from the moment I get to choir, all thoughts of work fly out of the window! I usually wake up singing the next morning! I have been a member since the choir was formed and have loved every minute of it!”
Julie – Alto. Member since 2010

I always thought that I couldn’t sing…

“I was one of those people who always thought ‘I can’t really sing’. Despite singing all the time at home or driving in the car  … I would never volunteer to sing in public!  But when I joined the choir … I made a discovery: the Tenor section! I learned that I didn’t have to reach those high notes that I normally couldn’t reach. Those notes were left to the Sopranos. Finding ‘my place’ in the choir made such a difference to my attitude towards singing. I have gained so much confidence since singing with The Voice Choir …and more than anything it is incredibly good fun. I love that fact that everyone is welcome – and that you don’t need to read music or have had any previous experience.  I totally recommend that everyone has a go singing with us …. as it is not necessarily what you would expect.”
Rebecca – Tenor. Member since 2014

A great stress reliever…

“The Voice Choir are a lovely bunch of caring people and the singing is enormous fun and a great stress reliever. ”
Ley – Alto. Member since 2016

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