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What our members say about being in the choir!

I was sold!
“When I walked unannounced through the door for my first choir rehearsal nine months ago, I received the most genuinely warm and wonderful welcome. After I had giggled my way through the warm up exercises with everybody else, I was blown away by Jackie, the beautiful songs and the singing. I was sold! Little did this amazing group of people know that it was just what was needed at that time and was a turning point in my new life in Devon. Just one example of how The Voice Community Choir is a true community. The music unites us and I believe you can clearly see and hear this when we sing together.”
Julie J.  Soprano. Member since 2016

A very special bunch of people …
“I joined the choir a couple of years ago, not knowing at all what to expect. I was quite nervous arriving on my own into a large group of people who already knew each other. Amazingly, a couple of people came right on up and introduced themselves. I was introduced to a couple of the tenors, who made it their business to look after me. The whole “old people surround new people” thing is a great way to get to know both people and songs. Pretty soon we started a song that was new to everyone, and we were all in the same boat!

It wasn’t long before I joined the ‘naughty boys’ group and began to feel really at home! It was a great feeling when, only a year or so after meeting everyone, so many new friends turned up and sang at my 60th.

It is a very special bunch of people. I often arrive feeling down in the dumps, but always leave having had a great time and having gained energy from the singing. I have made and continue to make new friends – real friends; often difficult for someone newly single, but made so easy by the people that make up The Voice, truly a community choir.”
Paul T.  Tenor. Member since 2014

I always thought that I couldn’t sing
“I was one of those people who always thought ‘I can’t really sing’. Despite singing all the time at home or driving in the car  … I would never volunteer to sing in public!  But when I joined the choir … I made a discovery: the Tenor section! I learned that I didn’t have to reach those high notes that I normally couldn’t reach. Those notes were left to the Sopranos. Finding ‘my place’ in the choir made such a difference to my attitude towards singing. I have gained so much confidence since singing with The Voice Community Choir …and more than anything it is incredibly good fun. I love that fact that everyone is welcome – and that you don’t need to read music or have had any previous experience.  I totally recommend that everyone has a go singing with us …. as it is not necessarily what you would expect.”
Rebecca M. Member since 2014

Wednesday is the best day of the week …
“The nicest bunch of people you are likely to meet! It can seem a bit daunting at first but we’re such a friendly bunch, with lots of other events going on when not singing! Wednesday is the best day of the week! My job is fairly stressful but from the moment I get to choir, all thoughts of work fly out of the window! I usually wake up singing the next morning! I have been a member since the choir was formed and have loved every minute of it!”
Julie E.  Alto. Member since 2010

The best medicine …
“I have been a member of the choir for about 3 years now, the choir is the best medicine anyone ever needs, you feel great after a practice night and even better on a concert night, if it wasn’t for the choir I’m not sure how I would of coped in the last couple of years, we are like a large family and would do anything for each other, which really does mean a lot.”
Lissa W.  Soprano. Member since 2013

Safe haven …
“Our Choir is a safe haven away from the worries of the world. When I am singing in harmony with others I feel as though my feet have left the ground. Even if I am tired from a hard day at work; after singing I feel lifted up.”
Sheila R.  Soprano. Member since 2010

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